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Keys to Heaven

Click on your desired venue/date below to book

Macedon  Church of the Resurrection at 3 pm SATURDAY 16 NOVEMBER

Brighton  St Andrew’s Church at 3 pm SUNDAY 17 NOVEMBER

Sydney  Christ Church St Laurence at 2.30pm SATURDAY 23 NOVEMBER

Middle Park  Our Lady of Mount Carmel at 3 pm SUNDAY 24 NOVEMBER

You are listening to the ‘Gloria’ from Josquin des Prez’ Missa Pange Lingua. Hear Josquin’s Ave Maria as part of our Keys to Heaven Program. Also on the program are Allegri’s Miserere and his much lesser known but equally attractive Christus Resurgens, works by Victoria, Marenzio, Palestrina’s Missa Aeterna Christi Munera and Tu es Petrus, the title piece of our program. The fresco above, painted in the Sistine Chapel by Pietro Perugino depicts Christ handing Peter the keys to the kingdom of heaven. In the first work on our program,  Tu es Petrus, Sistine composer, Palestrina sets the biblical text to accompany this moment: “You are Peter … and I will give you the keys to the kingdom of heaven”.