company of angels

“About one and a half minutes into Anne Boyd’s work I closed my eyes … and I was in heaven”
– Bartosz Jakubczak, Professor of Organ, Royal Academy of Music, London
“The audience was overcome with admiration for the angel-voices of the Australian Chamber Choir” – Zielona Góra University News, Poland, July 15, 2013

You too can share THE COMPANY OF ANGELS. Give your friends tickets to the Australian Chamber Choir and we will invite them to meet the owners of those “angel-voices” at the reception after our Melbourne concert(s). Click here to purchase tickets, then click here to sign them up to our newsletter, so we can send them an email to invite them to the reception.

Click here to download and print out the COMPANY OF ANGELS greeting card (pictured). Print it onto an A4 sheet, fold twice and add your own greeting. Click here to purchase CDs.  Card How-toCompany of Angels Card Pic

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