The Australian Chamber Choir is attracting an increasing following. This can be attributed to three major factors: the quality of the performances, the choice of repertoire, and the suitability of Our Lady of Mount Carmel as a venue. The acoustic of this Middle Park church provides a splendid vehicle to showcase the vocal and musical strengths of this 18 voice choir. On Sunday afternoon, a fine blending of strong voices with secure intonation and a surprisingly broad dynamic range responded to the direction of Douglas Lawrence with assurance.

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Heather Leviston on CHICHESTER PSALMS at ArtsHub, October 24, 2012

The program’s most challenging music, a terse but harmonically grinding Miserere extracted from Penderecki’s  St. Luke Passion, enjoyed a lucid reading from the 17-strong ensemble, who handled its pungent intervallic clashes with controlled vigour, the emotional aura of regret and sorrow coming across with singular success.

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Clive O’Connel: on MISERERE in The Age, Melbourne, September 23, 2012

Before Sunday, I had never seen a choir performance except on Christmas day or during a Qantas ad … It was instantly apparent that each individual was uniquely gifted and that together, the talent of these perfectly-synchronised individuals was simply outstanding.” … Read more

AU review, July 4, 2012

Many of the singers featured as soloists and all were stunning. With such individual standards, no wonder the ensemble sounds so impressive.

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Anna McAlister: on DYNASTY in the Herald Sun, Melbourne, April 25, 2012

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