“Last night saw the opening of the 15th International Organ Festival – and what a start…this exeptional genius opened new horizons in Sorø”.  Sorø Dagbladet, Sorø, Denmark

“On Saturday night at the Concert Hall, the Arts Centre and Musica Viva presented organist Douglas Lawrence in the Great Performers series. There is no doubt that Lawrence merits a place in this series not to mention many others…lucid and measured playing, sensitive in phrasing and pace…Lawrence is always an exciting player to hear live because of his energy and idiosyncratic touches; a great performer indeed”.  The Age, Melbourne, Australia

“Penberthy’s Scherzo involved fast manual work with fortissimo splashes of reeds providing spikes of colour that led to an incredibly loud climax; very exciting playing”.   Musical Times, London

“The audience showed its enormous enthusiasm and appreciation for the performance by long lasting applause which was rewarded by a brilliant improvisation on a theme from the Pachelbel C minor fantasie”.   Tribune de Geneve, Geneve, Switzerland 

‘With the ensuing improvisation over the chorale Lawrence showed his personal versatility. Clear phrasing, imaginative choice of motives for variation of the theme, rhythmically fine touches to the boundary of what is conceivable, a lucid and comprehensible conception of improvisation all gave his music the mark of mastery”.   Südkurier Freiburg, Germany

“Douglas Lawrence is much sought after as an organ virtuoso … the Finale from Symphony no 1 by Louis Vierne, full of contrast and impressive colour demonstrated this virtuosity of the interpreter”  Fellbacher Orgeltage, Stuttgart, Germany

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