We are grateful to the Robert Salzer Foundation for its annual support of our programs since 2014. Already by 2014, we had achieved sustainability in the presentation of a cappella choral concerts. Identifying a need to present a wider variety of programs, we saw the presentation of choral masterworks with larger orchestral forces as a logical development of our programming and an excellent audience building strategy, both in the city and in regional Victoria. With assistance from the Salzer Foundation, we presented two accompanied programs in six performances in 2014, Music from the Basilica of San Marco Venice and the Pergolesi Magnificat. 2014 Program Funding Pie GraphA breakdown of the funding for the two accompanied programs of 2014 is shown in the pie graph to the left. The Salzer foundation provided 21% of funding. Ticket sales amounted to 43.5% and donations 10.7%.

Since 2014, with Salzer’s continued support, the ACC has continued to present one or two programs with orchestra or a large instrumental ensemble each year. During that time, the number of regional performances has increased by 50% and our total audience has more than doubled. Our income from multiple performances of two such accompanied programs has increased from $30,773 in 2014 to $76,256 in 2016 and the value of donations has followed a similar trend. In the graph below, based on conservative estimates, ticket sales for nine performances of two accompanied programs2018 Program Funding Pie Graph in 2018 will increase to 53% of funding and donations will increase to 16%. We would request support from the Salzer Foundation of $30,000, equivalent to 20% of the total budget.









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