During 2019, the ACC will commission and sing several new Australian works.

An original program entitled Terra Australis – Land of the Imagination will include three Australian works, one of which will be commissioned especially for the program. The works are as follows:

The Terra Australis program is framed by two poems by indigenous poet, Bill Neidjie (c.1920–2002), set to music by Melbourne composer, Tom Henry. These works were commissioned by the ACC in 2015 and were central to the choir’s Kakadu Man program, performed in 16 concerts in Europe.

This Earth
from Gagudju Man
by Bill Neidjie*

This earth I never damage.
I look after.
This ground and this earth,
like brother and mother.
Earth …

* with permission from the Djabulukgu Assoc.Inc., in particular from John and Natasha Nadji

Between settings of Bill Neidjie’s timeless poetry, this program embarks upon parallel journeys: European voyages of discovery are mapped alongside landmarks of musical composition whose dates coincide.  A journey through the history of choral music is mapped against a metaphorical journey of discovery – Terra Australis, from imagination, or Dreaming, to today.

Sydney composer, Alan Holley has been commissioned to write a new work as the centrepiece of the Terra Australis program.

Also in 2019, the ACC will commission a new work from Christine McCombe, who has written for the ACC on two previous occasions. The new work will be conceived for a themed concert program as part of the ACC’s 2020 season.


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