The Mission Statement (Purposes) below is extracted from the Australian Chamber Choir’s Rules of Association


1 Name

The name of the incorporated association is “Australian Chamber Choir Incorporated”.


Under section 23 of the Act, the name of the association and its registration number must appear on all its business documents.

2 Purposes

The purposes of the association are:

(1) To promote choral music, including particularly through the development and performances of the Australian Chamber Choir.

(2) To contribute to Australia’s musical diversity by enriching the quality of choral performance.

(3) To perform a variety of works, in particular to promote the performance of new works by emerging and established Australian composers. Other artists may be involved from time to time.

(4) To take Australian works and other works to the widest possible audience through regional, national and international touring.

(5) To make the work of the Australian Chamber Choir widely accessible through the use of various media.


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