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The Australian Chamber Choir is attracting an increasing following. This can be attributed to three major factors: the quality of the performances, the choice of repertoire, and the suitability of Our Lady of Mount Carmel as a venue. The acoustic of this Middle Park church provides a splendid vehicle to showcase the vocal and musical strengths of this 18 voice choir. On Sunday afternoon, a fine blending of strong voices with secure intonation and a surprisingly broad dynamic range responded to the direction of Douglas Lawrence with assurance.


The Australian Chamber Choir: small in number but great in voice, sensitive and vocally perfect. …

Conductor Douglas Lawrence has created an ensemble that sings with utmost precision and utmost sensitivity, possessing a perfectly balanced choral sound. …

Already the first piece “Selig sind die Toten” (Blessed are the Dead) by Heinrich Schütz (1585-1672) hovered weightlessly in the space of the nave, wholly in the spirit of the text. “Factum est silentium” by Richard Dering (1585-1672) worked a dense polyphony into a perfectly-weighted structure, in which the voices swung to and fro like bells.

Schwäbischer Zeitung

In J.S. Bach’s motet Jesu meine Freude one could clearly recognize director Douglas Lawrence’s penetrating interpretation, the musical shape strictly governed by the text, endowing the recurrent main melody with interesting variants. On an emotional level the gently blended voices and their balanced distribution often lent the text additional inner meaning …

… it was especially gratifying that these professionally trained, mostly young singers were met by a large audience in Ries.

Augsburger Allgemeine