In 2013, the Australian Chamber Choir is invited to return to 12 European venues where they have received enthusiastic ovations for previous performances. Read on to see what European presenters and music critics say about the Australian Chamber Choir. In addition to the comments below, click here to see articles about the Australian Chamber Choir that have appeared in the European press.

Augsburger Allgemeine, Augsburg, August 2, 2007:

“Flawless Intonation and Dynamics

The name Douglas Lawrence stands for excellence in choral offerings: flawless intonation, clear counterpoint and nuanced dynamics from a moving piano to a powerful forte. This combined with the cultivation of the choristers’ individual voices; each can blend perfectly with the choral sound and also step forward as an impeccable soloist”. … Read more

Ullrich Böhme, Organist, Thomaskirche Leipzig (Endorsement), September 22, 2011:

“In Leipzig we have several excellent choirs, not only the Thomanerchor. Of the many visiting choirs we hear, not many come up to our standard. The Australian Chamber Choir did”.

 Guido Krawinkel in General-Anzeiger, Bonn, July 23, 2011:

“… the sound produced by this ensemble was quite simply phenomenal: flawless intonation, superb uniformity, perfect tonal balance, astounding dynamic range and sleek voice-leading. An Ave verum of William Byrd convinced through its heavenly ethereal sound. …” … Read more

Gudrun Hartmann: Office for Church Music, Thomaskirche, Leipzig (Endorsement), July 21, 2011:

“For me it was a great pleasure to have this wonderful choir here in Thomaschurch as our guests. The concert and service were magnificent. Not many choirs touch your heart; this was one such choir. I hope that we will have the possibility for the Australian Chamber Choir to return to Leipzig”.  … Read more

Schwäbischer Zeitung, Ulm, July 11, 2011:

“The Australian Chamber Choir: small in number but great in voice, sensitive and vocally perfect. …

Conductor Douglas Lawrence has created an ensemble that sings with utmost precision and utmost sensitivity, possessing a perfectly balanced choral sound. …”

Already the first piece ‘Selig sind die Toten’ (Blessed are the Dead) by Heinrich Schütz (1585-1672) hovered weightlessly in the space of the nave, wholly in the spirit of the text. ‘Factum est silentium’ by Richard Dering (1585-1672) worked a dense polyphony into a perfectly-weighted structure, in which the voices swung to and fro like bells”. … Read more

Ernst Meyer in Augsburger Allgemeine, Augsburg, July 10, 2011:

“In J.S. Bach’s motet Jesu meine Freude one could clearly recognize director Douglas Lawrence’s penetrating interpretation, the musical shape strictly governed by the text, endowing the recurrent main melody with interesting variants. On an emotional level the gently blended voices and their balanced distribution often lent the text additional inner meaning …

… it was especially gratifying that these professionally trained, mostly young singers were met by a large audience in Ries”. … Read more

 Mathias Nofzer in General Anzeiger, Bonn, July 11, 2009:

 “The modern works ‘Lamentations’ (Hodgson), ‘O Magnum mysterium’ (Kristof) and ‘O sacrum convivium’ (Messiaen) all portrayed a highly effective sonic magic”. … Read more

Darmstädter Echo, Darmstadt, July 10, 2009:

“… resounding jubilation burst forth in Orlando Gibbons’ anthem ‘O Clap Your Hands’, considered one of the greatest treasures of Anglican sacred music. The women’s precise, treble-like intonation was carefully balanced with the full-bodied tenors and sonorous basses, and together they gloried vociferously in the mighty polyphony of the work”. … Read more

Hans Krarup in Berlingske Tidende, Copenhagen, July 23, 2007:

“Thanks to the expressiveness of the singing, Brenton Broadstock’s ‘I had a dream’ became a most beautiful experience”.

Ostfriesischer Kurier, Norden, July 19, 2007:

“Highpoint of the Summer Concert Series

 – Australian Chamber Choir in the Ludgeri

On Monday the Australian Chamber Choir were guest performers at the Ludgeri Church and inspired a large audience with the finest choral music. The 20 young singers from Melbourne, currently on a 20-concert tour of Europe had packed a varied program from Renaissance to Gospel. This young ensemble, in a purely a-capella program was powerfully convincing under their director, Douglas Lawrence, with enormous dynamic contrast and power, voice-leading always balanced and a flawless intonation – no mean feat!”  … Read more

Stefan Wegener: Presenter, Saturday Concerts, Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtniß-Kirche, Berlin (Endorsement), July 14, 2007:

“There are days when something of heaven seems to touch the earth. Thank you for giving us just one of those such days”.



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