Really important stuff

your passport should always be carried in

a bum bag
money belt or
round-your-neck passport pouch

ie attached to your body in something that you don’t take off.  Loss of a passport is a major inconvenience, not only for you, but for everyone in the group.

NB Do not carry large amounts of cash or important documents in a wallet, pocket or handbag.  These items must be secured on your person.

Money:  Just take two of the following:  Cirrus/Maestro card for eftpos, credit card, travel money card.  Expect to buy your lunch and drinks most days, and when we are staying in a hostel or hotel, also your dinner.  Take a lunch box and drink bottle for packed lunches.

your music in a light bag – carefully checked before you leave

your mobile phone. Be sure to unlock it if you purchased it as part of a plan. We recommend that you purchase a local sim card with data for communication with the group.

phone recharge plug

Aussie to European power plug converter

your concert gear

1 black shoes (or sandals for women) that can also be worn for concerts

Medicines:  Get any scripts made up before you go.  If you tend to suffer from a recurring medical problem eg throat infections, then get your doctor to prescribe a suitable anti-biotic that you can take with you just in case.  Any over-the-counter medications that you might need are also best bought in Australia.  Some of these require a script overseas.

10 CDs we will give you these to pack

Clothes:  Here’s a list of what I pack

NB a suitcase with good wheels and a long handle is better than a backpack in the warm weather.

You need to be able to lift and carry it easily up and down stairs etc., Some days we’re on and off 4 or 5 trains, so keep it small and light! Big suitcases are out. If your suitcase doesn’t lock, then fix it up with a padlock.


6 underpants
6 socks
2 bras
1 pair trousers
1 skirt
4 T shirts or tops
3 long-sleaved tops
2 jumpers
1 Pyjamas

1 comfy shoes if you need them in addition to concert ones



A bag or small backpack for day excursions (in addition to your music bag)

Lunch box and drink bottle or thermos.  This will save you a lot of $$

Umbrella or very light plastic raincoat


Toiletries:  Sting-goes, Mosquito-repellent (foreign mosies bite harder), Sun screen

1 novel (then you can swap with others) or tablet

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