Elizabeth Anderson plays Bach’s Goldberg Variations

This is perhaps the most important set of variations ever written. Elizabeth Anderson has performed Bach’s great work extensively in Australia and overseas, winning awards from Soundscapes and Gramophone Magazines and The Age newspaper for her recording on the Move label. Live performances have included the Castlemaine State Festival, Murray Valley International Music Festival, Charles Darwin University Bach Symposium (Darwin), Australian National University (Canberra), Newcastle Conservatorium (NSW), Monash University, Scots’ Church International Series, International Summer Organ Festival Darmstadt, Universität der Künste Berlin, Kaiser Wilhelm-Gedächtniss-Kirche Berlin, Filharmonia Bałtika Gdansk (Poland), Sorø International Music Festival (Denmark).

“Elizabeth Anderson’s Goldbergs are an event.  Like a knowledgeable, enthusiastic guide, Anderson lovingly shepherds the listener across the huge musical canvas” – The Age

“Her performance is one of sustained excellence: thoughtful, witty and admirably dextrous” – Soundscapes

“Last night, before the Australian harpsichordist Elizabeth Anderson approached the harpsichord of Sorø Klosterkirke to play Bach’s Goldberg Variations, she definitively refuted the myth that the Variations were composed as a remedy for Count Carl von Kayserlink’s insomnia. – No, she explained, they are – as Bach himself writes in his preface – to the glory of God, and for the refreshment of the spirit… After listening to her brilliant interpretation … one must admit that they really are a very poor cure for insomnia. All of us, who heard her performance left the church with refreshed spirits, and we could also sense that far up over the arches of the church, God the Father himself had received the glory he deserved.” – Dagbladet, Denmark


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