GiveNow security

Given the recent publicity around a security breach at another Australian giving website, GiveNow would like to reassure users that it is not affected.

GiveNow has operated for more than a decade without a security breach. In addition, we do not receive or store any credit card or bank account numbers. In the unlikely event of a security breach, donors’ payment numbers would not be compromised, even if hackers had full access to our systems and database. GiveNow simply never receives, stores or handles the credit card or bank account numbers.

When a donor provides their credit card or bank account numbers to make a donation to a charity or community group through GiveNow, they are providing them directly to Westpac. They can verify this by checking the green bar in their internet browser. It will say ‘Westpac Banking Corporation’ in green. This is called an EV Certificate. It provides independent verification that the payments website is operated by Westpac.

The GiveNow website is fully PCI-DSS compliant.

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