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The ACC has achieved a lot in its first twelve years. We are recognised nationally and internationally as best in class for our concert performances. Music critics in four countries have praised the choir: “flawless intonation, superb uniformity, perfect tonal balance and astounding dynamic range” (General Anzeiger Bonn).

The ACC provides a rigorous training ground for young professional singers. Payment to all singers, is a key principle and provides an important affirmation of their standing as professionals. In addition to performing in our home town of Melbourne, we present every program in two or more regional centres. We want to be able to continue to present fabulous programs in Melbourne, Sydney and regional centres. We would love to welcome you into our lively group of supporters, the life blood of our organisation.


Douglas Lawrence, Artistic Director

Your donation to the Australian Chamber Choir Inc. Support Fund will support the Choir’s mission to promote and enrich the quality of choral performance in Australia, to promote the performance of new works by Australian composers and present Australian and other works to the widest possible regional and national audiences. Income from the Support Fund is used to subsidise concerts that otherwise could not be presented, such as some regional concerts and those which demand specialised resources for authentic performance, to commission new works and provide a financial base to support our singers for the long term.  Donations to the Australian Chamber Choir Inc. are tax deductible*.

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*The Australian Chamber Choir is endorsed as a Deductible Gift Recipient: It has a Public Fund (12.1.1) on the Register of Cultural Organisations.