Alleluja! by Hammerschmidt

Alleluja! Be joyful! is a piece by German composer, Andreas Hammerschmidt. Hammerschmidt wrote this piece for Christmas, probably in the year 1649 or 1650. He was the organist of the church in Zittau, Germany. He wrote all his music for the church. The Australian Chamber Choir will sing this song as the first work in the concert called A Baroque Christmas. Baroque is a term for music that was written during the fifty or so years before and after this song was written. Click below to listen to this song and you will get an idea what Baroque music sounds like.

Click here to see a large version of the picture on the left. If you want to, you can print it out and colour it in.  We call this picture a ‘listening map’. Following the arrows, the pictures will help you to notice the different sections in the song.

This song is written for a choir with three male soloists. At the beginning, you hear the choir singing ‘Alleluja!’ Actually, the three soloists are singing with the big choir, but as everybody is singing at the same time, you can’t really hear the soloists.

After the first section, you can hear just the three soloists with the organ. In music, when three people sing or play together, it is called a trio. Can you think of another word that contains the letters ‘tri’ that also has something to do with the number three? The trio sings the words ‘Freuet euch’. This is German for ‘Be joyful’. Using the listening map and following the arrows, can you work out what will happen next?

The next section is sung by the whole choir. They sing ‘Freude, freude’, which is German for ‘Joy, joy’. When the trio sings again, they sing ‘Siehe, siehe’, which is German for ‘See, see’. The words that follow talk about the baby Jesus.

See if you can trace your finger on the listening map while you listen to the song. Don’t worry if you don’t hear all the different sections the first time.

Notes for Mums and Dads
Follow the instructions above yourself and/or show your children the page. The activity is designed for children between the ages of 8 and 14.
The concert begins at 3.00pm*.
There is an interval from 3.35 to 3.50pm.

We do not recommend the concert for children under seven.
If your children don’t like to sit still or to sit quietly for too long, you can bring them to just the first half of the concert, which lasts for about 35 minutes. Alleluja is the first song. Book online for December 1, 2 or 8 and you only need to pay for the grown-ups’ tickets. Book one Adult and one Student ticket. When you get to the shopping cart, enter the discount code FCWA (Free Child With Adult) and the cost of the child’s ticket will reduce to $0. If you come to the Brighton performance on Saturday 8 December, we recommend the Gallery seats, where the children will have an uninterrupted view of the choir. To book Gallery seats at St Andrew’s, select seats in Pews Rear E or Rear EE of the seating map.

* A Baroque Christmas will take place on
Saturday 1 December at the Church of the Resurrection, Macedon
Sunday 2 December at the Basilica, 136 Yarra St, Geelong
Saturday 8 December at St Andrew’s, Corner of Church and New Sts, Brighton

Click your preferred venue above to book.

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