The Passion according to St John was written during 1724, the first year of  Bach’s employment at St Thomas’ Church, Leipzig.

Bach’s St John and later his St Matthew Passion were much more passionate and theatrical than those that preceded them and the term “Passion” has become synonymous in music with these, its two greatest examples.

The ACC presents the shorter, punchier St John with an orchestra of period instruments. Many of the instruments chosen for this work were rarely heard even in Bach’s time. Supplementing the usual orchestra of strings, oboes, flutes and continuo, Bach scored for two viola d’amores, two oboes da caccia and viola da gamba in order to lend a distinctive and contrasting sound to some of the solo arias. When such a work is performed using modern instruments, much of its unique character is lost. We are fortunate to have the finest specialist instrumentalists to inspire you with an exciting and authentic sound.

The Passion can be booked at any of the venues below by clicking on your choice of subscription.

HAMILTON: Sunday 7 April, St Andrew’s Mix & Match Any 3 or 4 Concerts

MACEDON: Sat 13 April, Church of the Resurrection
MACEDON 3-Concert Subscription or Mix & Match Any 3 or 4 Concerts

MELBOURNE: Sunday 28 April, The Scots’ Church
MELBOURNE 4-Concert Subscription, MELBOURNE 3-Concert Subscription
Mix & Match Any 3 or 4 Concerts

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