Pietro Perugino (1481/82) Sistine Chapel, The Delivery of the Keys

Music by composers of the Sistine Chapel – Allegri, Josquin and Palestrina – aspired to give listeners an idea of how it might feel to be transported to heaven.
It still does!

Palestrina was no doubt inspired by Perugino’s painting when he wrote the Motet Tu es Petrus, based on Christ’s words to Peter as he delivered the keys – the work that opens our Keys to Heaven program. Also on the program, Allegri’s Miserere and Christus Resurgens, Josquin’s Ave Maria, Palestrina’s Missa aeterna Christi munera …more

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What do the critics say?

“Shining sopranos, lucid altos, supple tenors and basses united in a perfectly harmonised a cappella sound. Excellent soloists emerged from the ensemble from time to time, all combining to create an exciting program, rich in contrast.

“The concert finished with a transporting interpretation of the Motet, Lobet den Herrn from Johann Sebastian Bach, and, after enthusiastic applause from the well-attended church, with two Spirituals as encores” … more Echo, Darmstadt, 19.07.19

“an exciting insight into the choral music of the 16th and early 17th centuries with several new discoveries, perfectly implemented… This excellent choral concert finished with a standing ovation” … more  General Anzeiger Bonn, 12.07.19

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