Victoria, NSW, Italy, Austria and Germany

Information for Singers

European Tour Itinerary
Rome (3 nights), Florence (2 nights), Klagenfurt (2 nights), Vienna (3 nights), Stams (1 night), Wangen (2 nights), Nördlingen (1 night), Tübingen (1 night), Leipzig (2 nights), Berlin (2 nights), Darmstadt (1 night), Hamburg (2 nights), Cologne (2 nights). See the concert detail as it becomes available on the rehearsals page.


We will travel as a group with Thai airways. We will be bound by the Thai Airways terms and conditions.

TG466  29JUN  Melbourne/Bangkok   1515/2145
TG944  30JUN  Bangkok/Rome        0020/0650


TG921   24JUL  Frankfurt/Bangkok  1445/0625
TG461   25JUL Bangkok/Melbourne   0810/2000

We will ask you to pay $1,995 towards the cost of the European part of the tour.  A deposit of $395 is payable by 1 December, 2016. This deposit will be non-refundable after 28 December 2016. The remaining payment of $1,600 is payable by April 16, 2017. Your payment will be made into the ACC bank account:

Name of Account: Australian Chamber Choir Inc
BSB: 013 374
Account number: 489943054

Be sure to mark your payment clearly with your name.

If you have asked us to withhold your agreed fees for concerts from November 2016 until the European tour, confirmed concerts during this period amount to $1,500.

Other Obligations
To be eligible to take part in the European tour, you need to be available for the following By the Waters of Babylon concerts and the corresponding rehearsals:

15 June at 11am Darebin Arts Centre (Preston)
17 June at 3pm Middle Park
18 June at 3pm Middle Park
19 August at 3pm Macedon
20 August at 3pm Geelong
26 August at 7.30pm Bowral
27 August at 2.30pm Sydney

We would expect that you would also commit to the remainder of the 2017 program: Concert 1 (A London Coronation) and Concert 3 (Venice).

Concerts in Bowral and Sydney are under the same conditions as European tour concerts. Your travel costs and breakfasts are covered and you are not paid a fee. The total remuneration for all performances of the By the Waters of Babylon program is $750.

This will be a mixture of billeting and/or twin-share and/or bunk room.  We will do our best to inform you in advance if laundry facilities are not available.  There may be occasions when you will need to hand-wash underwear and/or a shirt. You will be given the option to upgrade bunk room accommodation to single/double/twin by paying the agreed difference in price. If you require upgrades, please do this before January 30, 2017.

All breakfasts and five evening meals (beverages not included) will be provided. Where any meals or snacks are provided, this will be indicated in your itinerary wherever possible. You may need on some days to buy two meals but many evening meals will be provided by billets.

We will travel by public transport.  Before our departure you will be provided with a detailed itinerary.  We will have a meeting of the tour group, during which you can ask any questions relating to the itinerary or anything else. When planning our travel days, we try to avoid early starts whenever possible.  We aim to commence group travel after 9.00am.  Travel schedules are selected for the least number of changes within a reasonable travel time. Where the scheduled duration of travel is longer than 6 hours, train travel will be in first class where available.

On arrival at our destination it is not always possible to go directly to our accommodation.  In these instances, your luggage will be stowed in a secure place and we will arrange for you to have access to it at an agreed time. Sometimes there will be a walk from the train or bus station to our concert venue or accommodation.  When we are wheeling our suitcases, the walk should not be longer than 11 minutes.  In these cases, transport can be arranged for individuals with a broken leg(!) or similar.

When staying in larger cities, such as Berlin, Bonn/Cologne, Hamburg or Rome, you should expect to pay for your own public transport to and from the concert venue and around the city for sight-seeing etc.

Your responsibilities
You travel at your own risk and must take out travel insurance. We recommend that you take out insurance at the time of making your deposit.
• You undertake to travel with the choir on the scheduled transport and to take part in all scheduled rehearsals, recordings and performances as required.  Should you for any reason miss the scheduled transport, it is your responsibility to find your way to the next engagement at your own expense. We will provide you with a full itinerary and you need to carry this with you at all times.
• In order to keep costs to a minimum, we undertake our tours without any additional administrative staff. Instead, we operate on a ‘co-operative’ basis, with all members of the travelling group volunteering to undertake certain jobs during the tour. We will give you more details closer to the time.

You should choose an insurance policy that is right for you. It is a requirement of participation in this tour that you take out a policy that includes medical insurance for the European Union. You may wish to consult the ACC’s travel agent for advice.

Choir members are responsible for their own belongings, including passport and tickets.

We recommend that you carry your passport, credit card and non-replaceable tickets on your person at all times, ie in a bum bag, money belt or round-your-neck passport pouch.  We recommend that you do not carry important documents in a wallet, pocket or handbag.

We recommend that you make a photocopy of your passport and leave it in your suitcase, along with your travel insurance document. Please let Liz know if you will travel on a non-Australian passport.

You are strongly encouraged to travel light.  Airline weight limit for check-in luggage is 20k.  We recommend a small 55cm high suitcase with wheels and a long pull-along handle of not more than 15k.  Click here to see Liz’s packing list, which may assist you to keep it light. We need to carry our suitcases up and down stairs when changing trains. You will carry your own music and concert clothes. You will be given 10 CDs to carry in your suitcase, which will be sold at concerts.  We recommend keeping music in a separate light bag.   Carry-on luggage limit is 7k, not including a lap-top.

Cirrus-Maestro card for eftpos and/or Travel Money card and/or credit card. We recommend having two forms of access to currency eg a credit card and a Travel Money card. Keep a record of the card numbers in another place.  Buy some Euros for your arrival in Italy before you go.  Currency in Switzerland is Swiss Francs. You should budget to be able to cover the cost of at least one meal per day, inner-city public transport, other personal items and sight-seeing.

We recommend that you bring your mobile phone, preferably a smart-phone, where you can keep your itinerary in the calendar.  Be sure to unlock your phone before departure so that you can use a European sim card. We recommend German Lycamobile.

Get any prescriptions that you may need made up before you go.  If you tend to suffer from a recurring medical problem eg throat infections, then get your doctor to prescribe a suitable anti-biotic that you can take with you just in case.  Leave all prescription medications in their original packaging, showing your name and any instructions. Any over-the-counter medications that you might need are also best bought in Australia.  Some of these may require a prescription overseas.  And that means a visit to a doctor. If you become unwell and need to see a doctor, of course we can arrange that for you. Keep your receipt and your insurer will refund your costs according to their conditions.

Special Dietary Requirements
Please let Liz know if you are vegetarian or have health-related or other dietary requirements.

Alternative flights
It will be possible for up to 5 persons to change the date and/or the routing of their inward flight. To do this, you need to contact Cathy Sullivan at Eastern Hill travel before the end of March, 2017. If you would like to do this, you are liable to pay any additional costs incurred, eg difference in price between group-ticketed seats and available seats on your alternate flight dates. Requests for alternative travel arrangements will be dealt with on a first-come-first-served basis according to the date on which your deposit was paid.

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